Andrew Musgrave training on artificial snow in the mountains of Zhangjiakou.
Photo: Private.

Andrew Musgrave’s Olympic Column – Part II: «They do everything they can to give us that «wintry» feeling»

Zhangjiakou, Kina ( We’re over half-way through this year’s Winter Olympics, and I slowly seem be getting into the rhythm of Games life.

Life in the Olympic bubble is a bit strange; you are sealed off from the outside world, and it’s easy to forget what is going on outside the micro-universe that we’re in. Life revolves around training times, races and all the small details that impact on our sporting results.

Mandatory toilet stop

I’ve had questions from journalists about what life is like in China, but that is almost impossible to answer. This is the Olympics, not the real China. They’re two completely different things. I’m now at my 4th Olympics, and I’ve had the same feeling, of being insulated from the real world, at every Games I’ve been to.

The effect is amplified this year though, by Covid, and the impossibility of leaving the bubble until we’re on our way out of the country.

Although I don’t feel we’ve experienced China

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